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Trusted Traceability 

Seafood.Works™ is an innovative solution developed for seafood industry supply-chain traceability; fostering food safety, reputation management, and regeneration for the distribution of seafood worldwide.

Seafood.Works is an affordable open-source full-chain traceability solution and network that is currently being developed to include Global Dialog on Seafood Traceability (GDST)  and GS1 (barcode) standards. 


Full-chain traceability is an issue of great importance to the seafood industry due to the need for transparency and accurate, complete, and trusted bait-to-plate information. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to develop the Seafood.Works trace system will be extended as a core component of the Seafood EcosystemTM Open Technology Ecosystem.

The Seafood EcosystemTM is implementing the foundation for a Purpose-Driven seafood industry — an open-source, self-governing system for integrated accountability, traceability, trust, and regeneration for the distribution of seafood worldwide.

Multistake Holder Process

Purpose Driven Industry


From Bait to Plate

In tracking the movement of product from bait to plate, a series of trace documents record each transaction along the seafood supply chain. All trace documents record a single transaction between a supplier and a buyer. 


Based on International Supply Chain Standards

Identify, manage, and share product data with your trading partners, supply chains, and customers based on internationally recognized standards and data schemas. Open-source code-base for enhanced innovation.


A 'lightweight' decentralized ledger

Seamlessly integrates a scalable and trusted post-blockchain distributed ledger augmenting verification and reputation management. 

Trusted and

Seafood.Works uses distributed ledger technology to ensure trust in every trace transaction. Every single save, update, send and lock of a trace document generates an immutable event that is stored in a private DAG (directed acyclic graph).

Though this is a private DAG, trust will be built by key members of the Seafood EcosystemTM deploying nodes that synchronize Trace Document molecular data. We use the distributed ledger, to deploy a dual siloed data storage technique, one silo in the DAG tracking all tace events including the entire state of the trace document event; and the second silo in the Seafood.Works database. In this way any trace document can be compared against the immutable events in the DAG, allowing for audit and proof of truth.  


Connections are through secure cloud-hosted, encrypted services. 

Advanced Interoperable

Semantic-based next-generation interoperable APIs for the connectivity to the Internet of Things (IoT).


Full-chain traceability tracking supply-chain, related events, and notifications.


Global standards and a secure and scalable distributed ledger augment trust and regulatory compliance.

For a

Seafood.Works is built to empower leaders of regenerative practices. That it is our pledge to Planet Earth.

Seafood.Works believes in mutual respect between business and society; profitability is core to sustainability, but that isn’t what motivates or guides us. We at Seafood.Works are defined by a deep commitment to a core set of values that provide the company with a sense of purpose – an understanding of the role we play in society and how we create value for others.  

Seafood.Works is designed to scale as needed to address issues defined in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 14 (“Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources”) through shared stakeholder engagement. 

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